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Awesome cars built by the guys at Frankenstein MotorSports

This is a 1993 Rotary powered FD3S producing 530 RWHP and can spin 10,000 RPMs. fast and fun. 

The is another fine example of going fast and looking good. The is a 2006 BMW M3 with 1200 RWHP (that is not a typo) Going fast does not mean you have to do without. This is a full interior car with all the amenities

    This is another example of a V8 powered RX7. This is a Wolf in Wolf's clothes. 400+ RWHP with 400+ lbft Torque. Don't let the stock looking exterior fool you, this car is bad.
This beastie is a V8 powered handful. It is powered by a Chevy LSX that is bored to 3.905 with a 4" stroke producing 383ci of raw power. Backed by a T56 6 speed, this car can be a handful.

Looking good is as important as going fast. This is a 2003 BMW M3, it is putting down 500 RWHP and looks good doing it.

Frank Knight tuner and mechnic